Dewey Bookmarks : The bookmarks manager for Chrome you have been waiting for

Few days back I wrote about how you can easily search your bookmarks from Chrome omnibox. But this approach is still limited by Chrome’s Bookmark Manager. In my quest to look for an even better solution, I found Dewey. Apart from clean and elegant interface, it provides some powerful search capabilities. This could be really useful when you deal with large number of bookmarks.

Dewey. Better Bookmarks for Google Chrome.

Launching Dewey

Before we dig deeper into Dewey, I need to state that it’s a Chrome App and NOT an Extension. The reason I stated this is that after installing the app, I kept wondering how to launch it. I didn’t see any launch button in the toolbar which is very common with Chrome extensions. Chrome no more shows Apps in the New Tab Page. Therefore, it was a bit puzzling to start with but there are a number of ways to launch it.

Once you launch it, it will load a neat and pleasant interface with a big search box and a page full of bookmark tiles. As you scroll, it will keep loading remaining bookmarks smoothly. You can sort your bookmarks by Date, Title and URL. I wish they add sort by usage frequency and make it default so that it can easily replace my New Tab Page.

Custom Tagging
Dewey - Bookmark Tile
Dewey – Bookmark Tile

The above picture shows the single tile for a bookmark as displayed by Dewey. As you can see, along with an icon and title, it displays folders under which the bookmark is stored. By default it converts all the folders into tags (the ones highlighted in yellow) for a bookmark. You also get an option to exclude/hide top-level folders (Bookmarks bar, Other bookmarks, etc.) as they do not make sense in most cases. You may also add custom tags if you want. All the tags will be stored and synced, so once created it will be available on all your machines if you’re signed into to Chrome.

Edit Bookmark

The edit icon which appears on mouse over, will allow you to edit bookmark title, url, add/remove tags or delete the bookmark altogether. Currently it does not allow you to modify the folder structure through this dialog.

Dewey - Edit Bookmark
Dewey – Edit Bookmark
Powerful Search

Coming back to search, you can start with a simple free text search. But if you need to dig, you have 3 options. You can search by tag, title or url. So if you chose to search by tag, e.g. tag:color, it will look for “color” only in tags and exclude all others. The same is true for search by title and url. Take a look at the demo below and you will understand exactly what I mean.

Dewey - Exclusion Search
Dewey – Exclusion Search
Open Source

It is an open source project and source code is available on GitHub if you want to take a look. You may also submit issues and feature requests there.


Great interface supported by keyboard navigation, ability to add custom tags which also sync across and exclusion search are the three important aspects which make this a great app. Highly recommended!

Search your Chrome bookmarks and history easily from omnibox

If you look at my previous posts, you will see that I am in love with Chrome omnibox and search engines. I keep exploring how these two can work together to do some routine things in a more productive manner. This useful tip will enable you to search your bookmarks and history easily from Chrome address bar itself.

By default when you start typing in the Chrome address bar, it does show your bookmarks as suggestions indicated by entries with a cbmicon. However, it only lists the top two or three bookmarks. Sometimes you need to dig deeper and perform a search in your Bookmarks Manager. Recently, I stumbled upon something really useful. You can easily configure your Chrome to search for your bookmarks directly from omnibox or address bar. In-fact, there is an extension which does that for you. Head over to the Chrome Web Store and install Bookmark Search. This extension basically performs steps mentioned below automatically and adds a new search engine entry for you.

However, if you do not want to burden your Chrome with extensions, you really do not need to. Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Type chrome://settings/searchEngines in the address bar.
  • Alternatively, you may right click on the Chrome address bar and choose Edit Search Engine… from the menu options.
  • Either of the above steps will open the settings page for Search Engines in Chrome.
  • Scroll down to “Other search engines” and add a new search engine.
  • Enter “Chrome Bookmarks Search” as a name for your search engine or whatever you would like to call it, “bm” as the keyword you’ll type for activating search (again your choice) and URL as chrome://bookmarks/#q=%s
  • All set!

Enter your keyword “bm”, hit the TAB key and enter your search term. This will automatically open your chrome Bookmark Manager with the search result.

Easily Search Chrome Bookmarks from Omnibox
Easily Search Chrome Bookmarks from Omnibox

You can use this trick to easily search for your history as well. Just add another entry with following URL.

History & Bookmark Search Engines in Chrome
History & Bookmark Search Engines in Chrome