Best ways to visualize time zones in your browser

For my work, I get to be a part of one big virtual team. Naturally, I need to deal with different time zones and keep those at finger tips. Nowadays this is very common and I’m sure most of you fall into this category. As we started living more and more in browsers, we need good tools to take care of time zones. Today I am going to show you two web sites that do a great job in simplifying this time zone math.

1. Every Time Zone

Never wrap your brain with time zone math again.

Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone is my current favorite due to its slick design and simple interface. The site conveys a lot through colors. When you visit the site, it shows you one vertical line indicating your current time. You can click somewhere else on the timeline to see various zone timings for a given local time. Simple and beautiful. One small glitch is that there is no way to select a future date which some of you may find limiting while looking to schedule a meeting for a future date. A link to this page anchor on top right allows you to get a direct link to the current view and share it with others. Do check it out, I’m sure you will love it.

Every Time Zone
Every Time Zone
2. World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy and is a simple, elegant and perhaps the most comprehensive time converter and world clock. I have been using it actively for a while and it is part of my Chrome apps for a long time now. It is loaded with features, which amazingly do not add to the complexity. You can add, remove, sort and reorder locations. It detects your location by default, but you can mark any other location as home too. You may also rename locations if you are signed in and group locations by tabs, which is offered as a premium feature. You can use it as a full fledge scheduling tool as it allows export options to Outlook, Google Calendar etc. It also allows you to create an event page and share with others. Just like Every Time Zone, you may also share a link to your view with others. Country specific weekends highlighting and daylight savings warning (a week before the change) is really useful. It is really a complete tool for your scheduling needs.

They also offer a couple of useful widgets for clock and events, which you can embed in your web sites. World Time Buddy is also available as iOS and Android mobile app on App Store and Google Play Store.

World Time Buddy
World Time Buddy

Other than these two, there are several extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. FoxClocks is one popular extension for Firefox also available for Chrome now. It is very comprehensive and shows selected zone times in your browser’s status bar. Some low on memory Chromebook users do complain about memory consumed by this extension. In that case you may turn it on only when required using one click extensions manager for Chrome.

How do you take care of your time zones? Please let me know if I missed something which should be part of this small list.

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