Reduce tab clutter and memory consumption in Chrome with OneTab

OneTab Context Menu

OneTab also offers finer control over the core functionality through context menu which can be activated by right clicking on any tab page while browsing. See the snapshot below and you will know what each option does for you.


OneTab - Context Menu
OneTab – Context Menu


Named tab groups allow you do the same thing for individual tab groups. It will be shown only when you have named your individual tab groups. Use this and you will tabs will stay organized.


OneTab - Named Tab Groups
OneTab – Named Tab Groups
Syncing Tab Groups Across Multiple Devices

Syncing tabs across multiple devices is one feature I would ask OneTab developers to improve upon. So if I put some tabs away using OneTab on my office computer for later reading, I want those to be available on my home computer as well. There are a couple of ways to do it but none would work for me. The first option is to share your tab groups as a web page. This would expose all your tabs publicly which may not be desirable. The second option is to Export / Import URLs but it is a tedious process as below.

  • Export your tabs using Export / Import URLs option
  • Copy the export content to a text file
  • Sync this text file to your home computer using file syncing tools like Dropbox
  • Open this file on your home computer and copy its content
  • Open OneTab page and click on Export / Import URLs
  • Paste those contents back into Import text box and click Import

A simple integration with Dropbox or Google Drive should easily solve this problem.

OneTab Options

You can go to the options screen by clicking on top right corner of OneTab page. Again, all the options are very precise and exactly what you need to control. You can choose setting for your pinned tabs, behavior of restore tabs, startup and duplicate tabs.

All in all a neat, well designed, simple, no nonsense extension which just works!

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