Quickest way to jump to desired Chrome Settings

There are various ways to go to a Chrome settings page. You can use the Chrome menu and select the Settings submenu. You may also type chrome://settings/ in the Chrome address bar or omnibox which will take you directly to the Chrome Settings page. However, we can do better. We can add chrome setting page URL to search engines and jump to desired setting rather quickly.

  • Type chrome://settings/searchEngines in the address bar.
  • Scroll down to “Other search engines” and add a new search engine.
  • Enter “Chrome Settings” as a name for your search engine or whatever you would like to call it, “set” as the keyword you’ll type for activating search (again your choice) and URL as chrome://settings/search#%s
  • That will be all!

Enter your keyword “set”, hit the TAB key and enter the keyword for the setting you are looking for. This will automatically open your chrome settings page, with only the matching setting options displayed and highlighted. This is especially useful if the option you are looking for is buried somewhere under advanced settings.

Quickest way to jump to Chrome Settings
Quickest way to jump to Chrome Settings
Chrome URLs

You may also use Chrome URLS to directly jump to some important settings. I have listed some of the most useful ones that you can directly type or bookmark. This will surely save you a few clicks right away.

URLs for Chrome Settings
URL Details
chrome://settings/ Go to Chrome Settings page directly.
chrome://settings/searchEngines Manage Chrome search engines to be used from omnibox.
chrome://settings/createProfile Add new user to Chrome.
chrome://settings/importData Import bookmarks, history and other data saved in other browsers.
chrome://settings/content Manage Chrome content settings.
chrome://settings/cookies Manage cookies and site data.
chrome://settings/clearBrowserData Clear your browsing data in Chrome.
chrome://settings/autofill Manage auto fill settings.
chrome://settings/autofillEditAddress Add new address to chrome auto fill.
chrome://settings/autofillEditCreditCard Add new credit card to chrome auto fill.
chrome://settings/fonts Manage font and related settings.
chrome://settings/languages Manage language and input settings.
chrome://settings/editDictionary Add/Remove words to chrome dictionary.
chrome://settings/syncSetup Manage advance sync settings for Chrome when you are logged in.

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