About Nilesh Raghuvanshi

I’m Nilesh Raghuvanshi and I hold an Engineering degree in Computer Science. I’m currently based in Pune (India). In my spare time I love to browse, read and consume as much information as I possibly can. I also spend a lot of time evaluating different softwares and services for various personal needs.

The awesomeness of the World Wide Web or the Internet as we call it, has huge impact on my life. The knowledge available on the internet is enormous, much bigger than biggest library in the world. Information discovery due to information overload is one big problem many of us face while looking for an information on the internet. One has to really drill down to discover the relevant information of their interest.

‘web↯truck’ (read as Web-Struck) is an attempt to write down my day to day discoveries on the web and make those available for everyone. Loads of brilliant people write awesome information on the web. ‘web↯truck’ will discover and curate information around variety of topics in a comprehensive but simplified way.

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